Head to Mud and look for a tent outside the city walls at the north entrance.

Speak to the Busy Kobold and ask about a “Magic Helmet” and when asked if you would be interested in it, say “Yes”.

You will be told to travel to Naryad Moors to get a metal ball from a chest that is guarded by a best called Phuuzlblarg.  When asked if you will do it, say “Yes”.

Go to Naryad Moors, Phuuzlblarg can be found near the North Exit just South of a turbine that is in swamp water.

Phuuzlblarg is surrounded by green gas that damages you.  You must turn off the gas.

Go to the turbine and on the platform you will see a skeleton reaching for a wheel.  You must get to the wheel and turn it.  The area is surrounded by blue mushrooms that cause confusion so it is difficult to navigate across the pipes.  The easiest way is to stand on the solid ground and “blink” onto the platform.

Once the gas is turned off go straight to Phuuzlblarg and open the chest.  Take the “Magical Metal Ball”.

Head back to Mud and speak to the Busy Kobold again.  Ask about the “Magic Helmet” and give him the “Magical Metal Ball”.

You will gain some experience and receive the Tin Foil Hat.


in Mud