Speak to Captain Kinsey, you will be told that on of the best scout Lieutenant Sigourney is missing.  You need to to head to the village to find the Scout.

Go inside the first building on your right after the bridge and go up the ladder.  You will find Lieutenant Sigourney to speak to.

Go back to Captain Kinsey and explain that Lieutenant Sigourney is safe.

Captain Kinsey will ask you look look for Rhoswan and Quentin near the stone bridge that crosses the river to the East. 

Rhoswen can be found on the floor by the bridge.  Quenton ran South.

The body of Quenton can be found by some rock.  Check the body and take “Quentin’s Final Report”.

Deliver the final report to Rhoswen.  You will receive some Gold and XP.

Go back and speak to Captain Kinsey.

You will get some XP and Gold and the opportunity to learn the “Formal Love Salute”

in Solace Bridge Outskirts