Head to the Solace Bridge Outskirts.

Speak to Captain Kinsey.  He will tell you that Lord and Lady Langston are distraught over the death of their daughter.  Go to the campfire and speak to them.

Speak to Lord Langston by the fire.  Give your name and ask how you can help.  He will ask you to recover a painting.  You need to recover it from the knaves in the swamp to the east.

Head East across the Bridge

Kill the bandits as you go and head to a small hut. 

The bandit outside will have the key.  Go inside the hut and you will see a painting leaning against the South wall.  Take the painting.

Speak to Lord Langston again and give him “A Painting of a Young Woman”.

You will gain some XP and Gold.

in Solace Bridge Outskirts